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The Sultanate of Oman is a land of charm and contrasts.

The careful balance between past and present allows visitors to the country to witness a unique paradox: a rich history, heritage and culture perfectly preserved, together with the most modern convenient and luxurious facilities. In this country Ancient customs, historical architecture, traditional crafts and legendary Omani hospitality live side by side with 20th century amenities, luxury hotels and state of the art services.


Oman remains as an unspoilt tourist destination and its coastline ranks amongst the most beautiful in the world, with scenery ranging from magnificent beaches leading to fertile plains and rugged mountains that run right into a sea of perfect blue. It is a land of mountain springs, shifting sand dunes, lush orchards and spectacular wadis with majestic castles, towering forts, falajs (irrigation conduits), frankincense trees, date palms and souqs (markets).


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Oman’s varied landscape provides a diverse range of places to visit and experience many sights, and take in nature at its very best. From the bustling capital area Muscat to the remote north of the Musandam Peninsula, the landscape, light, and the tapestry of sights and people are sure to enchant you, and keep coming back for more.

The country is divided into Governorates, and in them key cities that are easily reached from capital area muscat. The places are well connected by road, and telecommunication network covers most part of the country. Here is a quick summary of what you can expect at each of these places.
Muscat & Capital AreaAl BatinahAl DakhaliyaAl SharqiyaA’ DhahiraDhofarMusandam Peninsula

Muscat & Capital Area

The walled city of Muscat lies in a small bay and is overlooked by two spectacular forts, Jalali and Mirani built in 1587/88. Muscat has now become a modern containerised port and includes the towns of Muttrah, Ruwi, Medinat Qaboos, Alkhuwair, Qurum, Boshar and Seeb collectively known as the Capital Area.


The Capital Area houses one of the palaces of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and is a magnificent blend of old Omani and modern architecture. Also found here are the Natural History Museum, Oman Museum, Sultan’s Armed Forces Museum, Children’s Museum, Marine Science & Fisheries Center and Oil Exhibition Center.



Muttrah is one of the bustling old towns which retains its vibrancy and charm. The hills surrounding Muttrah form an elegant backdrop to the new corniche and make it one of the most striking capitals. The main attraction of Muttrah is its Souk (market) which has shops selling traditional handicrafts, gold, silver and copper ornaments among others.

Al Batinah

This fertile strip of land lies on the northern side of Jabal Akhdar range and stretches from the Capital Area to Sohar on the north, 240 kms away.



The capital of north Batinah was the home of the fabled Sindbad. Sohar has now become a busy market town and famous for its fort. On the way to Sohar and 90 kms from Muscat is Barka which has a beautifully reserved fort. Traditional crafts such as weaving are still practiced by older craftsmen in Barka.


Other places of interest are Nakhl, Al Rustaq and Hasam. Nakhl has a fort which dominates the town and famous for its hot springs – well known for their medical properties is located on the northern foothills of Jabal Akhdar range, where there is a traditional souk exists with the walls of the fort surroundings. Al Rustaq – Located on the northern foothills of the Jabal Akhdar range. Once the centre of silver trade and still famous for it’s traditional weavers and date gardens. Al Hazm is
known for its large fort built by the Imam Sultan bin Saif in 1708.

Al Dakhaliya (The Interior)

Center plateau, lies at the southern foothills of Jabel Akhder range. The main places include Nizwa, Bahla, Jabrin, Tanuf, Jabel Shams and Misfah.


Nizwa is renowned for its majestic circular fort and souk. Bahla was the former capital of Oman is ringed by mud wall 12kms in length. Bahla is famous for its potters and fine examples of their art. Jabrin was once the centre of Omani learning which houses the finest of Oman’s castle-forts. The palace built by Bilarub bin Saif around 1670 was recently to its former glory. Al Hamra is one of the finest villages in northern Oman. The foot-hill village is built directly on a tilted rock slab and its streets are of rock polished by generations of wear. Misfah- a village seemingly hewn out of rock, Misfah is surrounded by steep mountain slopes set amidst greenery and date plantations.

Jabal Akhdar (the Green Mountain)

Jabal Akhdar (the Green Mountain) is the highest mountain in Oman, where temperature falls below zero in winter. It is the home of many isolated communities living in beautiful villages with terraced agriculture. Towering above the plateau is the Jabel Akhder’s highest peak, Jabal Shams with an altitude of around 3,000 meters. The climate is cooler and wetter than eleswhere in Oman. From the edge of the plateau is spectacular view through the mountains to the plain below.

Al Sharqiya (The East)

A long and beautiful and rugged coastline where we can find the boat makers of Oman, using traditional methods, build boats as those which plied the oceans from the third millennium BC.



The centre of boat building industry, was closely associated with the ‘Baghala’ and ‘Ghanja’ traditional craft. Other native craft still built in Sur include the ‘Boom’, and the hand sewn ‘Sasha’, both versatile trading and fishing crafts.

Ras Al Hadd / Ras Al Junayz

The turtle nesting on the beaches around Ra’s al Hadd area a major wildlife attraction. After laying their eggs these gentle creatures of the ocean swim out to sea but return to the same breeding grounds every year. The best time to see them is from September to November during the full moon. The Oman Government permits Turtle-watching at Ra’s al Junayz where there is a good Governmental campground. A permit is required to enter the facility.



Once a great city, now dominated by the ruins of a mosque/mausoleum of Bibi mariam. Today it is an interesting modern town, spectacular view and beautiful beaches.


The Wahiba Sands

Famous for its sand dunes, rising to a height of 200 feet, rusty-red at the base and honey-yellow at the top make this one of the most striking features of Oman. It is inhabited by the Bedouin Tribes. Wahiba Sands is also called as ‘a living laboratory’ – the best known example of a small sand sea ecosystem in the world.

Wadi Bani Khalid

A lush oasis of date palms and lime stone hills; the blue pools here are cool and beautiful and perfect for taking a dip.

A’ Dhahira(The West)

Semi-desert region, interspersed with spectacular wadis. Lies at the northern end of the Al Hajar mountains, on the old salt route to the Batinah coast and the frankincense route to Western Arabia.



This beautiful oasis town is well worth a visit. It lies about 350-km northwest of Muscat on the border with the United Arab Emirates. The town has an old fort and a bustling friendly souq smelling of spices and palm products. Ibri- this oasis town forms an integral part of the trading and social life of the western region and is a centre of traditional weaving. Bat- it is here that one can see the unique beehive tombs, constructed in the 3rd BC for important personage. Sulaif is a picturesque village, surrounded by clay walls with intricate Omani designs worked into them. Dhank is another attractive village with six watchtowers and springs that nourish a lush date palm plantation.

Dhofar (The South)

The fertile south, is famed for its agriculture and climate. Silver frankincense, ‘Laqat‘, reputedly the best in the world, was the major export of this region in ancient times.


The southern capital, a garden city, surrounded by groves of coconut palms and paw-paws, has rightly gained a reputation as a summer resort which attracts visitors from all over the world.


Taqa is on old town with an interesting fort and typical old Dhofari houses. On the beach some old boats held together by coconut fibre (coia) instead of nails can be seen. Quarries near here provide the white limestone blocks used in Salalah buildings.



The home of the legendary queen of Sheba and now an archeological site, situated beside the beach called Khor Rori. The ruins date from C.100BC, built under orders of King II azz of handramaut (the Sachalites, their capital at Shabwa, their subject-people the Sachalites of Dhofar).



Mirbat means ‘The Palace for Tying up Animals’. It comprises of many beautiful old Merchant’s houses with carved doors, windows, picture relief courtyards, (shamsiyas) window-boxes (mashabayas), protruding service-towers, etc. It is both an old harbor and a new harbor.


Ain Arzat

Ain Arzat is one of the five functioning spring on the Jurbaib Plain used for the watering Al Mamoura Place and The Royal Farm. It now boasts a beautiful pleasure-garden, which is open to public on Fridays.


Job’s Tomb

The Mosque and tomb-shrine of ‘Nabi-Ayoub’ mark the place where the remains of the Moslem prophet possibly identified as Job of the Old Testament can be found. It is a place of pilgrimage for Moslems and Christians. From here one can admire the splendid view of Qara Mountains and Jubraia Plain (Salalah).


Bin Ali Mosque

The mosque can be found next to the Tomb of Mohammed Bin Ali Al Alawi, a 14th century Moslem divine from South Yemen. It is a fine example of the medieval ‘onion doomed’ mosques common in Dhofar and Handramaut. The area is very peaceful and beautiful especially in the late afternoon.


Moughsail Beach

The beach stretches for four kilometers with high cliffs at either end. It is a popular bathing resort and has many picnic huts. Khor Moughsail has an abundance of bird life eg. Flamingoes, pelicans, storks, etc in season.



From sleepy trading post for the dhows that ply the seas between south Asia and eastern Africa, recently the port Mina Raysut has grown in to a modern thriving commercial maritime center.

Musandam Peninsula (The North)

This strategic tip of Oman overlooks the arterial route taken by the world’s oil trade. Musandam is known for it’s stark beauty and awesome mountains. Khasab is a small developing town of peaceful estuaries and palm trees. A small, well-restored 16th century Portuguese fort dominates its picturesque corniche.



Be ready to meet local people, visit local markets and souqs, farmers and farm lands, and experience the magic of the mountains, wadis and deserts and much more!

We offer very unique experiences, as we passionately believe in giving back to the communities. The experiences we offer are carefully chosen, ensuring that every guest is able to experience a slice of real life in Oman, and is able to engage in a cultural interaction.

Our guides are friendly, knowledgeable and flexible and would show you this charming country, from a different perspective. So choose from day Trips, to simple overnight stays, to a variety of longer itineraries depending on your interest, be it Culture, Adventure, History or just relaxation.


The significance of Muscat as a sought-after destination for cruise calls has increased manifold in recent years.
With more and more cruise-liners adding this charming city to their itineraries, we are keen on offering our professional services to this sector and we have always been known for being different and offering unique experiences to our cruise passengers. We take care of co-ordination and liaison between different authorities, and comprehensive ground arrangements both in Muscat as well as Salalah ports.

So, welcome to this historic old city, wander around its enchanting souqs, or take a thrilling day trip to the
picturesque wadis or the golden sand dunes, visit the majestic forts and ofcourse, meet with its hospitable

  • Our services include
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Exclusive events and private activities
  • Exclusive meal venues
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Passenger exchange
  • Pre & post cruise arrangements
  • Unique Shore excursions
  • Services of professional, multilingual guides

Car Rental

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Our association with Budget Rent a car that operates the largest and most modern fleet of vehicles in Oman gives the advantage of providing you with any type of cars delivered to your hotel in Muscat or other select cities in Oman and also in Dubai. You can also collect your vehicle directly from the Budget counter located at the arrival hall of Muscat International Airport.



  • 4WD Vehicles
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Nissan Patrol
  • Land Rover

A large modern fleet of small, medium and large cars. (Chevrolet, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen etc.)



Briefing on general guidelines on driving in Oman, on road conditions specific to your itinerary. Provide you
with emergency contact numbers. Provide you with maps. Delivery of vehicles at any hotel in the capital area
(and some hotels outside – at supplement cost). You may opt to return the car at Muscat International airport or
we can collect the vehicles at the hotel where you are staying. Special prices for weekly rentals and longer



Our competitive prices include Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI).


  • Sur
    • Sur
    • Desert Camps
    • Salalah
    • Musandam
    • JabalAkhdar
    • Nizwa and surrounding areas
    • Muscat
    • Barka / Mussanah
    • Sohar
    • Ras Al Hadd
    • Desert Camps
  • Sur Plaza Hotel 3* City 3* City
  • Sur Beach Hotel 3* Beach
  • Desert Nights Camp Luxury Camp Wahiba Sands
  • 1000 Nights Camp Camp Wahiba sands
  • Desert Palm Oman Camp Wahiba sands
  • Arabian Oryx Camp Camp Wahiba sands
  • Nomadic Desert Camp Camp Wahiba sands
  • Crowne Plaza Resort 5* Beach Salalah
  • Hilton Salalah 5* Beach Salalah
  • Salalah Residences 4* City Salalah
  • Salalah Marriott Resort (Mirbat) 5* Beach Mirbat
  • Juweira Hotel Salalah 5* Salalah
  • RotanaSalalah 5* Salalah
  • Six Senses Zighy Bay Khasab 5* Deluxe Beach Zighy Bay
  • Golden Tulip Resort 4* Beach Khasab
  • Golden Tulip Resort Dibba 4* Beach Dibba
  • Khasab Hotel 3* Khasab
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  • AtanaMusandam 4* city
  • AlilaJabalAkhdar Hotel 5* JabalAkhdar
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  • Golden Tulip Nizwa 4* Nizwa
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  • Jabal Shams Resort Camp Jabal Shams
  • Jabal Shams Base Camp Jabal Shams
  • The View Hail Al Shas Al Hamra
  • Jabreen Hotel 3* Bahla
  • Al Bustan Palace Ritz Carlton 5 star Deluxe Beach
  • Grand Hyatt Muscat 5 star Beach
  • Intercontinental Muscat & Spa 5 star Beach
  • Shangri-la’s Barr Al Jissa Resort 5 star Beach Resort
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  • Muscat Holiday Hotel 4 star City
  • Al Falaj Hotel 4 star City – Downtown
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  • Golden Tulip Seeb 4 star Airport – Seeb
  • Ibis Muscat 3 star City – Al Khuwair
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  • Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve (Ras Al Jinz)
  • Desert Nights Camp Luxury Camp – Wahiba Sands
  • 1000 Nights Camp Camp – Wahiba sands


Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events

Our mission is to strive to make Oman as a dynamic business events destination where people, technology and ideas converge to create great value for our customers. We have carved a reputation for being successful in introducing an apparently paradoxical concept of ‘Responsible MICE Tourism’.
We have a dedicated team creating exceptional experiences for business & MICE visitors and establishing a vibrant business and MICE environment with strong industry players, robust alliances and world class infrastructure. Based on your requirements, we analyze your project to learn the particular needs, wishes, requests and specifications of your group. We cover everything from your transatlantic flights, your itinerary, class of hotels, transportation needs, special activities, sightseeing, meals, and special events…and the type of escorting you may require.
Why us for MICE?

  • Expertise in handing high profile clients
  • Dynamic team of travel professionals
  • Enticing ideas for events
  • Experience and knowledge essential to a successful programme.
  • Exceptionally creative and enthusiastic approach to travel projects to make it an outstanding experience.
  • Highest quality of professional service.
  • Commitment right from creation, designing and operation.
  • Customized and diverse programmes.
  • Support from a number of qualified service-providers.
  • High-end travel experiences designed to motivate employees and increase their sales performances.
  • Design of special events to motivate, educate and reward employees or customers.

We also offer regulation services such as

  • Hotel arrangement: Room, Food and Beverage, Transportation
  • Meeting set-up and management
  • Activity and Tour planning
  • Airline reservations
  • Event budget management
  • Photo and Video Support, Post event reporting

Special Interest Tours


It has been the mere authenticity and novelty of the themes that we offered to a wide range of clientele that identified ourselves as unique in the industry!


The special tours that we have successfully run over the years range from tours for Women only groups, Students groups and Photography tours to name a few.


Our exclusive tours for Women groups have been unparalleled as it offers women to interact with a cross section of women from Omani society with innumerable sessions where they chit-chat with local women or engage in more serious discussions or indulge in culinary experiences with them.


Recently we have been developing an “Accessible Tourism Product” for Oman, so that people with disabilities will be able experience and enjoy Oman soon.

Responsible Tourism


This has been the buzz word of the industry worldwide for some time now and already one of the most abused terms like “Green Tourism” with more players jumping on the bandwagon of “Responsible Tourism”. However Responsible/Sustainable Tourism has not only been our approach, but has always remained our passion and we are proud be one of the first tourism entities in the region who took initiatives in a meaningful way beyond being vocal on its significance.


One of our key initiatives was introducing the specialist bee-keepers in the mountains of Northern Oman to the main-stream tourism, as they had never been part of conventional tourism circuits.


We have been working closely with some of the local communities ever since, ensuring that there is meaningful cultural exchange between them and the visitors and at the same time the communities benefit economically and thus help keeping the traditions alive.
We continue to pursue our goals in sustainability, to excel, for it’s not just our policy, but our Passion!


Discover Oman/Eihab Travels has been committed to promoting Responsible Tourism in the country and has taken our own small strides and initiatives since 2008 to Introduce many practices that directly benefit the local communities.


We were also represented at the International Conference on Responsible Tourism last year held in Cochin, India. In line with our vision and our passion, we co-sponsored the Responsible Tourism networking event at ITB Berlin 2009 together with Your Safe Planet UK and The Blue Yonder India. The event received wide media coverage and Travelmole, the leading online community for travel and tourism industry, also gave us an opportunity to talk about our initiatives.


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Supporting local communities and small businesses

We work actively with traditional honey farmers  in the mountains of Oman, supporting them economically. Our new initiative is promoting the Sidab Women’s Sewing Group which is a non-profit community organization which does a commendable job in developing sewing skills of local women from the fishing village of Sidab. And these women create wonderful bags, pouches and other hand made crafts in this modest initiative. We have introduced a number of international journalists to the facility there by creating greater awareness of their activity and have included visit to the facility in our full day tours so that guests can also buy their products apart from the gifts that we purchase from the community and provide each of our guests on these tours. We also now order our gifts for our overseas trips from this community and recommend them to other organizations apart from arranging meals for our groups on the terrace of their building where guests can enjoy traditional meals cooked by the local women working there by doubling economic benefits to the community.


We have been encouraging our guests to use the (cloth) bags purchased from the community instead of plastic bags there by contributing to our efforts to minimize environmental impacts.


Every guest who visits the community is offered a complimentary gift by us (purchased by us from the community). Therefore the community benefits each time a guests visit them – irrespective of whether the guests buy their product or not. Additionally we recommend their products to other institutions including hotels who now buy these products for their shops. We also started to organize special meals (cooked by the women in the community) for our groups on the terrace of their building which provides additional income to the community.


The decision to include visit to their facility in our tours was taken after consulting them and with their consent.

The women are trained to produce something very original, using patterns and designs which are very local and there by contributing to preserve cultural heritage.


From the feedback of clients, it has well been established that their experiences with the community has had great positive impacts and better understanding of the host communities. In some cases the guests also visit the houses of the women working on this project and enjoy chatting with family members.


The women are proud when they receive positive comments on their creations and for the guests these products are marvelous and original. The outcome is a positive cultural interaction and greater respect between the guests and the host community.


We have been proud be pioneering the responsible tourism initiatives in the country in a meaningful manner. We are sure that our small efforts would help create more awareness about responsible tourism among the industry and that more stakeholders will be encouraged to follow this path.